October 2009 Update

And…Flying right into October, 2009.

October 2, 2009
So we arrived back in L.A. and were right back to work again with an AMAZING shoot for (former American Idol finalist) Kimberly Caldwell’s new album cover.
We had an amazing shoot at Union Station in Downtown LA, and even though I’ve seen the final artwork…and am very pleased with the results…I can’t yet post the image until it’s released to the public under Kimberly’s new label Vanguard Records.
However, here is a shot from the Vanguard website of Kim looking through a bunch of the images we did that day. I’m not sure who to give credit to for this shot…but if it’s you…let me know and i’ll post your info.
Hair & Makeup: Allan Avendaño, Tunde Oyeneyin

Wardrobe Stylists Jessica Loria & Kelly Williams

Assistance: Michael Chevas, Lenny Schway, Alexandra Gunnoe

October 5-7, 2009
Lucky Brand! An all-time favorite client to shoot for!
3 days of in-studio product photography at STUDIO 1444.
Some hip-Holiday styling by the lovely Sharon Ryan out of NYC.
Product Stylist: Sharon Ryan
Assistance: Michael Chevas, Lenny Schway, Alexandra Gunnoe, Bryce Martin

October 8-9, 2009
Even more fun…Lucky Brand Swimwear Lookbook!
2 days of shooting for LBJ swim with the beautiful Barbara Stoyanoff (NEXT models).
Hair/Makeup: Lucy Crawford
Assistance: Lenny Schway, Alexandra Gunnoe

October 10, 2009
I took a much needed day off to help celebrate my son Mason’s 3r’d birthday! There’s nothing more fun than watching a room of pre-schoolers try their hand at bowling. Actually, it’s more fun watching the parents chasing after the little guys trying desperately to keep them out of the lanes…trying to pick up 15lb balls (when they only weigh 30lbs themselves)…and constantly sticking their fingers in the ball return, as the balls come back up smashing together.
Ok…so it wasn’t exactly a vacation…but it was fun.
October 13, 2009
A very interesting shoot at the home of Lawrence E. Joseph, author of Apocalypse 2012.
Nicest guy in the world, and very accommodating. He even went so far as to offer me the use of his favorite coffee cup. Now that’s kindness. He also gave Lenny and me copies of his book…which we are reading. The book is really good…and his writing has a pretty humorous edge to it. Thanks Larry!!
Assistance:Lenny Schway

October 14, 2009
I did a shoot today for my new (as soon as I ever find a bloody free moment to actually get started with) personal trainer Julien. He’s just gaining print modeling experience, but he did exceptionally well on this shoot…and the shots came out great. I’ll post more as soon as they are finished…and hopefully he can kick my ass with some push-ups or crunches or something.
…am I gonna have to go on a “chicken breast, every hour, no skin, one-vegetable”…type of diet. RIGHT! Send me some donuts and I’ll photoshop in the abs.

Men’s Grooming: Marc Raymond

Assistance: Ryan Hackett

October 15th, 2009
Betsey Johnson Swimwear Lookbook.
…ok, ok, i’ll reconsider the “chicken breast, no skin, diet thingy”
I’m pretty sure the models (if they actually did care) would prefer to be looking back at a photographer with some ab instead of flab. HaHa…have you seen Mike Ruiz…
If I just look at that dude, I sprain my ankle. Mike is one fit dude.
Anyhow, I digress.
Yes, a great lookbook shoot this time around for Betsey Johnson Swim. Gary and Cari (from Lunada Bay) got creative with the funky Target wallpaper (which Ryan and I spent the day before figuring out how to actually stick to the wall and match the patterns).
We worked with the beautiful Anna Speckhart (Vision Models).
Hair & Makeup: Ryane Hanson
Assistance: Lenny Schway, Ryan Hackett, Alexandra Gunnoe

October 16th, 2009
My birthday.
I missed this one.
Maybe I’ll celebrate it in December this year.
October 17th, 2009
Cirque Du Soleil sent me 2 tickets to see “Kooza” in Santa Monica, so I could see the show we’d be shooting on Nov 3rd.
Kim and I went out to “SAUCE” in Venice, then headed down to SM for “Kooza”.
Wow! What an amazing show.
I’ve seen a ton of Cirque shows, working with the best photographer/human being ever Veronique Vial…and this was definitely one of the most high-energy performances to date.
This is going to be one fun shoot.
October 22, 2009
Another fun photo shoot with author Lawrence E. Joseph.
This time I was doing some new promo head shots for him.
Assistance: Lenny Schway

October 24, 2009
Quite a nice photoshoot with Sarah Nagata.
We did some shots to help her build a new portfolio…kinda American Eagle, kinda Hard-Tail, kinda Rock-N-Roll. I’m especially digging the lens flare in the stairwell….yeah.
Hair & Makeup: Joachim Ortiz
Assistance: Michael Chevas
October 25th, 2009
Gimme a “C”, “H”, “E”, “E”, “R”, “S”, “T”, “I”, “X”!
Bright (actually still dark) & Early 6am call-time for our first-ever shoot with the Cheerleading Clothing and Accessory supplier “Cheerstix”.
This was a very fun conclusion to a new and educational process that the client and I had been working on for several months prior to this shoot. This was our first shoot for them…and it was their first shoot ever using people.
Nevertheless…we pulled it off within their budget, and managed to get some Pom-Poms in the air at the S.M.C. Corsair football field.
I have to mention that, once the process of renting out the football field is complete, the S.M.C. College police were the most accommodating of any police I’ve ever met. Big kudos to them!
This is going to be a fun catalog, and I’m looking forward to seeing the completed project…and to the next shoot as well.
Hair & Makeup: Joachim Ortiz
Assistance: Michael Chevas
….and that’s it for October’s shoots….now on to November.