New Music Photography Update

We’ve been hard at work earlier this year with a string of shoots with some great artists and bands.
I’ve been playing with some more organic styles, and images with a film-like quality to them.

Here’s a few samples of what’s been cooking…

#Mansions Of Arcadia, #Ashley Parker Angel, #Zella Day, #Kristinia DeBarge, #Forever The Day, #Cody Longo, #Courtney Jenaé, #Rosey Newell, #Some Azzholes, #Jocko Sims

Zella Day

 Forever The Day

 Cody Longo

Mansions Of Arcadia
Ashley Parker Angel 

Kiowa "K.O." Tucker (13 year old Rap Genius) *NEW ENTRIES BELOW*

If you haven’t heard of Kiowa “K.O.” Tucker…you will now.

Please view the videos below, telling a heartfelt story of this young, upcoming rap genius. If you’re looking for the next Eminem, he’s right here.
I had the privilege of photographing him for his album artwork and promotional artwork here at Studio 1444 and you’ll get to see some of that action in the videos below.

Here are some of the images from the shoot as well.