Matt is a photo-nerd.

This is his blog…

He likes taking lots of pictures, moving pixels all over the place, and loves talking about technical camera, film and computer mumbo jumbo.

He’s very easy going, creative, and plays well with all types of people and personalities.  Animals like him too, for the most part.

He currently lives in Los Angeles with his family and personal petting zoo.

He cleans up a lot of fur, spills and messes, and can go for several days without sleep or food.

In his spare time, he enjoys traveling the world and taking un-interesting photos for companies no one has ever heard of, like…

GAP, Cirque Du Soleil, Microsoft, Apple, Wells Fargo,Levi’s, MTV

…and lots of actor-director-model-musicians with small dogs and/or nice cars.

If you text him, he’ll usually read it…

unless he’s riding his bike

or driving

or showering.

Thanks for actually reading this far.

If you want to visit the shiny, happy, fully edited version of his commercial website (because you really want to hire him for your next project)…please visit www.mattbeard.com

…or just skip the hoopla and contact his agent directly

tel: (323) 462-5000

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