We recently wrapped up a shoot with the NYC based Curly Hair Care geniuses, OUIDAD!


Our mission was to create a photo campaign for Ouidad’s website, blog, emails, and social media sites, as well as 3 short video highlight reels of our shoot.

Our challenge was to shoot 4 Step-By-Step looks for each hair style, in a ‘studio-type environment’, as well as 4 Editorial/Lifestyle looks at different beach locations for each hairstyle before and after the Step-By-Step process…and 3 BTS videos as well.


The entire shoot was only a 1-day project, so we needed to complete everything in less than 10hrs, and before the sun went down (as the last location shot was a beach/sunset look).

Knowing that hair shoots can take a fair amount of time, just to do the hair looks correctly, my producer Rebecca (@ Arpen Productions) and I came up with a game plan designed to keep us on schedule, and in budget.


Originally, the idea was to shoot all of the studio looks at the Ouidad flagship store in Santa Monica, and then commute back and forth to the beach, in between looks, to get the editorial shots.

However, this original plan became problematic, as the space inside the salon was very limited for our studio lighting, and the travel time to the beach (on that weekend) would have eaten up all of our shooting time.  So…we came up with the idea to rent out two conference rooms at the Lowes Hotel, which just happened to have private beach access, as well as parking and plenty of space for our hair/makeup/wardrobe and craft service room, and a room for our mini-studio.  This worked out great, as we were able to go back and forth between the hotel and beach on foot, without having to drive and park and load/unload, etc…


We started our day by meeting at the hotel and unloading all the major equipment, then a few of us headed back to the Ouidad Salon, where the models were getting their hair prepared for the first look.  We did our first shots at the salon, and then packed up and headed to the beach and hotel where we completed the rest of the looks.

Although it was a packed day, with a very tight schedule, the project went off without a hitch, and we completed all of the looks, including our sunset shot.  The clients were great, and very flexible with our input, and the crew and models were phenomenal.


You can check out more of the work on the Ouidad.com website.


And…here’s the BTS videos from our beautiful beach day, enjoy!




Client: Ouidad

Producer: Rebecca Schatten / Arpen

Photography: Matt Beard

Video: Errisson Lawrence

Video Editing: Antonio Hererra-Vaillant

Models: Kari Michelle, Bri Summers

Hair Stylist:  Pia Vivas

Hair Stylist Assistant: Marissa Rullan

Makeup Artist: Alfred Mercado

Wardrobe Stylist: Jill Christiansen

Wardrobe Stylist Assistant: Caroline Yohanan

Photography & Video Assistants: Ryan Hackett, Mat Dunstan

Digital Tech: Jenette Maloney / DV8 Digital

Production Assistant: Zach Figueroa

Special thanks to: Blonde & Co, Wendy, Javier, Kristine, City of Santa Monica, The Lowes Hotel Santa Monica, Le Meridien Delfina, PRS, Samy’s, Photoflex, Daniel Hoff Agency









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