Photoshoot with Haley Horsager, Featuring the Photoflex 3″ Octadome.


Recently, my crew and I had the opportunity to photograph upcoming young artist Haley Horsager ( for her new album cover, website and promotional shots.   Our goal was to create an interesting and attractive look for her, in an urban setting.

Working on a limited budget, while at the same time wanting to cover as many different setups as possible, I knew my Photoflex 3″ Small Octadome would be my main weapon of choice.

Moving around the loft & exterior of the historic location in downtown L.A. was much easier and quicker with the small Octadome and strobe fully assembled. My assistant was able to maneuver easily through doorways, into elevators, and up and down stairs and onto fire escapes. Using the Octadome in combination with a single light-stand, allowed quick and subtle adjustments to the direction of the light, which helped us achieve the balance we were looking for.

By adding the fabric grid to the front of the Octadome’s diffusion, we were able to add just a kiss of light in certain areas (like the beauty portraits mixed with daylight, and the shots with Haley in the window where we just needed some fill).

When we wanted to make the photos of Haley “POP”, and bring in the background, or freeze the action, we only needed to quickly bring up the strobe’s power and close down on the camera shutter and aperture. For some of the shots we switched between a Ring flash and the Octadome, and also used both in combination. The quality of light was easily adjusted to match, by adding or removing the diffusion and fabric grid.


My favorite place to use the Octadome is on location, outdoors. It smaller size and round shape keep it from being blown around in the wind, and it’s especially versatile when used with the hand-held Photoflex LiteReach Plus. This is the best way for an assistant to *Hollywood the light, when needed.

What I personally love about the Small Photoflex Octadome, is it’s amazing versatility. Although it is small and easily transportable, it can still cover a very wide area if needed…or it can be used to make a very “direct light source” if desired. The quality, and shape of light it can create, is amazing. It is my favorite “go-to” tool for most shoots.

*to Hollywood (verb), meaning “Don’t take the time to put it on a stand, just hold it where it needs to be held“.

Photography: Matt Beard

Hair/Makeup: Alfred Mercado

Wardrobe: Jill Christiansen

Check Haley Horsager on iTunes  and SoundCloud

Check out the behind-the-scenes video of Matt’s shoot with Haley Horsager


To view more of Matt’s work, please visit his website at or follow on instagram at @mattbeardphoto

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