Happy to see my photo of “Chicano Batman” being used for the new Levitt Summer Concert Series ads!


Chicano Batman

I loved the show at the Pasadena Levitt, and I’m happy they picked one of my favorite images from the night.

Here’s the original, and a few other selects…

2013_08_10-Levitt-291 2013_08_10-Levitt-304 2013_08_10-Levitt-306 2013_08_10-Levitt-332 2013_08_10-Levitt-243 2013_08_10-Levitt-347


Chicano Batman

If you haven’t been to a FREE Summertime Levitt concert in the park…you are totally missing out.  Make a plan to do it this Summer.  Take the kids, have a picnic, dance, party, have a great time…for FREE!

Check out the Levitt Website for concert dates here: www.levittpavilions.org

Visit Chicano Batman at www.chicanobatman.com


Facebook: www.facebook.com/chicanobatman

Instagram: @chicanobatman

Twitter: @chicanobatman

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/chicanobatman

#chicanobatman #levitt #50freeconcerts #music

*all photos © Matt Beard Photography

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