Here’s one of my favorite shots from a recent shoot with singer Molly Marrs (real name, by the way…no relation to Bruno, LOL).

For this particular shot…I was looking to do something really strong with a lot of emotion, in black and white, with an iconic feel to the image.

Getting the emotion was fairly easy, but getting the hair to do what we wanted…well, that took a little bit more time, a lot of wind…and a touch of pixel-pushing after the fact.

Here’s the working image:


Disclaimer: The Logo I used is not associated with Molly Marrs.
I borrowed it (for this post only) from an awesome website that sells “Honey Bon-Bons”  (no, not Honey Boo-Boos, thank god).  They collect their own honey from the rooftops of St Paul, MN.  It’s called Mademoiselle Miel, and their website is here:
In my next life, I plan on being a BeeKeeper, so this was only fitting. 🙂


#mollymarrs #singer #brunomars #blackandwhite #portrait

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