BEWARE / Photo Scam

I get a gut feeling when I receive certain emails.

I don’t know if I’m picking up on the malicious intent of the person writing the email, or just knowing that something is fishy with the overall presentation itself.

Some scams are easier to spot than others (the severely broken Nigerian/English combination, or the ones where the gender of the sender somehow gets confused between the subject line and the content) i.e. “From the desk of Jonathan Goodluck…Good Day Mr Matthew, I am Lucinda Williamjons and I would consider your services…”

Anyhow…this particular email I received today, especially bothers me.  (I usually let it go, and just ignore them)…

But this one is using the ploy of “raising money for Breast Cancer” as the hook.

It’s NOT cool.

I hope either the authorities (or their Karma) catches them when they least expect it, like now.

Below is the transcript of the email, so that if anyone else does a google search, they too can find this blog post and know it is a SCAM.  Do not respond.

Report them to:

The Internet Crime Complaint Center

Please see the copy of this email below.

Good luck to anyone reading this, and don’t be fooled by fools.



Bryan Williams via


 Good Day

This is to notify you that “having gone through your profile on your web site, ‘DIAMOND STARS” has concluded plans to hire your services for the upcoming Fashion Show in Us.

We need a photographer for pre fashion show shoot.

You will receive a free copy of the calendar and are able to use the photographs for your portfolio.

Stated below is the summary of contract,

Job brief details: This position is for a Breast Cancer photo shoot. You will need to photograph models topless whilst they are covered by relevant props.

Our aim is to have dancers/singers for entertainment between run way shows. We want this to be spectacular so we can raise enough money to actually make a difference.

Duration of the contract: 1month

Working days/hours: 3days/4hrs in a week

Payment: 3500usd/day

Location: 4 different locations. Flight ticket/Hotel will be provide as this is an all expense paid trip by our sponsor

Date: Event will take place in May.

We will require your approval via email

Quick response required.


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