Every year our kids Cub Scout pack holds the traditional Pinewood Derby races.
It’s a lot of fun for the kids, but unfortunately some of the dads have had a little bit more fun making the cars. We felt the kids were being a bit deprived of building the cars themselves.
…However, the dads still wanted to have fun too.

So, this year we decided to host the first ever adult pinewood derby races.
This way the adults could race… And we could raise some extra money for the pack.

There were about eight contestants this time, and one or our den leaders, Scott Weiss, took first place with a really sleek looking vehicle that he built.

Tied for last place…was my vehicle, the Buddha Mobile (A.k.a. “The Wheels of Dharma”, or “re-inCARnation” v.s. “The Musubi Mobile”

After the final showdown for the last place title, Buddha may have won by a belly button, but the MusubiMobile definitely took home “Best of Show”.

Here’s a photo of the two last place finalists.



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