Guess what these are?

These first 2 images were some abstract scenes I happened upon last night, at a special event photographing political theorist & author of “If Mayors Ruled The World” Benjamin Barber for The Levitt.

Any guess as to who or what they are?
(hint: answers are at the bottom of the blog post if you get stumped)

Ok…while you think about that one…let’s move forward.
NOW…If you haven’t already seen Dr. Barber’s TED TALK, please take a moment and click here to see and hear what he has to say.  Great argument , that upholds the importance and value of Mayors around the world.
My Aunt Nena (Mary Rocha) is the Mayor Pro Tem in Antioch, CA…and I think she definitely makes the world a better place.  🙂
The salon event was hosted at the beautiful home of Former Borders Group President & CEO George and Ruth Ann Jones.

Definitely a beautiful way to spend a remarkable evening…on a Thursday night in Los Angeles.
You can Support Levitt Pavilions by clicking here, and making a donation to help bring music and community back in to our neighborhoods.
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