GAP Outlet Shoot in SF

Last week, I flew up to San Francisco for a few days to shoot for GAP Outlet.

Virgin America Wing Shot
Flying to SF in style on #VirginAmerica @VirginAmerica

It was my first time working with the iconic GAP brand, and it turned out to be a lot of fun. 
SandBox Studios produced the shoot, and the whole GAP crew was extremely professional and friendly to work with.

Our amazing set-builders and prop stylists Courtney Atinsky and Leila Nichols & Lisa Harding brought life to our set, and our Hair Makeup and Wardrobe team put the Glam-Shazam on our models. 😉
William Soriano, Maria NguyenBrandy Joy Smith
Assisted by Cristina Owen, Melissa Hoffman, Annie Book & Kira Curtis.

Gap was able to secure some pretty great seasoned pro models for this shoot, as well as some great first-time models as well.

for the adults we were privileged to work with:

She kinda made my job easy…LOL

Hours of Hair, Makeup & Styling = Minutes of shooting
#GlamSquad #WorkingHard

William Soriano Hands-On with Alicia Rountree

Nathan, Alicia, Jessica and Alex

…and the cutest kids graced our set:


Here’s a couple Time-Lapse Videos of our set-build and Day-One shoot

It turned out to be an amazing shoot, and I’m really looking forward to the next time around!

Here’s more fun outtakes…

 Santiago and his @myFu_KingDuck

The GAP Outlet Crew – Day One
Follow us all at @GapOutlet on Twitter
and @GapFS on Instagram

BIG Special thanks to everyone who made this possible:
Lauren R, Machiko F, Stephanie U, Amondo R, Marcus T, Michael D, Colleen S, Tammy L, Ethan B, Tammy O, Naseema K, Harrison B, Lisa W, Santiago P, Antonio F, Scott H, Nancy, Erik & Heidi Murkoff,  Russell and Emma Ali, Benoit D, Tracey M, Kim B, and all the parents who were kind enough to lend us their most precious cargo for the day.

Shaka Bra!

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Photography Representation / TRACEY MATTINGLY, LLC
•  LOS ANGELES  •  NEW YORK  • Agent Contact : Benoit Demouy   tel: (323) 462-5000

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Matt Beard Studio direct: (213) 342 1186  /  /

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