About working in a Camera Store.

I worked in a camera store many moons ago.
It was actually pretty fun, and filled with the most oddball moments, along with some pretty interesting and colorful characters.
Here’s a few quotes and memories.
The names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Customer – “I just bought this new camera from [your competitor who’s name starts with an S and ends with an Y’S] and for some reason my pictures are all out of focus.  They wouldn’t help me, so I came to you”.
Camera Store Manger – “Just a sec…”  takes the camera in the back room, turn the auto-focus AF switch on the lens to “on” waits 3 minutes, walks back out. “Here you go.  I put some ‘Sharpeen’ on the lens, it should work much better now.  That’ll be $5 bucks.”

Customer – “I accidentally dropped this roll of film on the cement.  Will the pictures still be in focus?”

Customer – “You take passport photos?  How much to retouch them?”

Customer – Looking at some of my photos that were displayed around the store walls.  “Wow, your camera takes really good pictures.”
Me – “Yeah, its a pretty good camera.  You should buy one”.

Manager –  “That’s the nicest Sunset photo I’ve seen…in the last 15 minutes”.

I’m sure I’ll remember more later….

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