Completely Obliviated! Is that even a word?

Completely Obliviated!

On July 8th, 2013…
I had the rare opportunity to photograph the futuristic vehicle designer Daniel Simon, with his latest creation “The Bubble Ship” from the hit movie OBLIVION starring Tom Cruise.
The shots are expected to run in the German Magazine RAMP

Daniel has been creating some of the world’s most amazing & memorable vehicles within the last 2 decades.
As a vehicle designer he’s worked for Formula One, Lamborghini, Lotus, Bugatti, BMW, Volkswagen and more..
However, the vehicles you’d probably remember best…are the ones that we’ve only seen on the big-screen.
…yep, he’s definitely the man.
To read more about Daniel Simon, click here:
or Visit his website at DanielSimon.Com

Of Course, we had to take this opportunity to get some personal shots with the “Bubble Ship” as well…we couldn’t resist.  Here’s a little snippit teaser shot by DP Leonard Schway, of a moment from the shoot.
This footage was actually shot with the new Canon EOS M mirror-less system, sent to me by Canon to test out.  It’s a great little camera, in that it has the same 18mp sensor as a Rebel T3i…but in such a tiny & versatile body.  (…and it can be adapted to take the cinema EOS, and EF lenses as well).

Here’s my new facebook pic…hahaha!

and here’s one of my niece Tawny Perkins and me, who came to lend a hand on the shoot as well.

…next up, Daniel’s newest book “The Timeless Racer” is due to be released soon.
Stay tuned for the photos we did for that project as well.

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