Mens fitness (UK) Covers Revisited

It’s amazing what a photographer can come across, when digging through old files in Adobe Lightroom.
Here’s 20 covers I did for Men’s Fitness (U.K.) many moons ago…
Film and Digital…right at the transition.
These were definitely some of the best shoot days by far.
Nothing beats spending the day at different beaches, taking road trips, shooting with mostly available light, having a few beers and smokes after work and wondering why our abs don’t look anything like the model’s?  Wait, yes they do…sorry my bad! (shh…quick, insert > photoshop action; “create abs” > save > post to: facebook profile)

Yep. Good times!

photography: Matt Beard
assisted by: Kimi Tamura (Beard), David Paquin, James Mahon, Bill Bodwell, Jeff Dean
art direction/design: Marco Crisari
Grooming: Joachim Ortiz

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