Time Machine back to… CUBA.

13 Years ago, or 50 years ago…
It’s hard to tell.
In Cuba, not much changes over the years.
Buildings and roads are still constantly in a state of repair, yet always seem to be in disrepair.
The people are friendly.  Full of life.
A true island mentality.
They make things work, for years after the printed shelf-life.  Everything gets recycled.
A short visit will definitely change your perspective.
A long stay will probably change your life.

These were taken at the turn of the millenium 1999-2000.
Everything of mine was shot on film back then…
Yashica T4, Polaroid, Holga…
There’s too much on my mind these days and, sometimes, the memories of good old times…fade away more quickly than I’d like.
However, the photos and videos keep these memories alive.
I’ll be adding more to the gallery when spare time allows.

all images available for purchase as prints, or download with license

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