Amazing April!

Amazing April. 
Lot’s of great new shoots and projects on the board this month.
With photo updates coming soon…
Started off on a Monday with a great boy-band from Canada called FLTF“.
Then on to Marina Plastic Surgery Associates for a huge shoot on Tuesday, interior, exterior, group shots, portraits, etc…the whole 9 yards.
The next day (Wed) we found ourselves in Larchmont Village shooting Interior and exterior shots for FLYWHEEL SPORTS.
Thursday morning, we had a really fun portrait session with the singer “Katrina“, and some quality portrait time with movie producer Deborah Moore later that afternoon in Maria del Rey.  As Friday night rolled in, we found ourselves in Las Vegas ready to shoot the new Cirque Du Soleil production of Michael Jackson “ONE” that weekend.
Monday we made it back home in time to return the cameras and start on some heavy post production and rush turnarounds for that whole last week.
Then…on Saturday…I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot some engagement portraits for 2 friends of ours at DISNEYLAND!  That was awesome…my first time shooting in the park, and it was great!
Back to the cave the following Monday, and working non-stop on the post-production.  Stay tuned for images soon.

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