From Virginia to Virgin…?

Last blog post just happened to be about The Virginia Pilot / Hampton Roads magazine using one of our shots for Cirque Du Soleil’s “QUIDAM” on the latest cover…

Well, this blog post is also about another shot from “QUIDAM” that just popped into my email inbox…for a special prize using my Virgin America Visa card.  LOL.

It’s funny.  I LOVE flying Virgin Airlines, they always make it a comfortable, affordable, hassle-free experience…and the planes are pretty cool.

I’m happy to see one of my shots (from Cirque) being used in their marketing…and I wouldn’t mind shooting for them as well someday. (Hint Hint…do you see this, Virgin Empire?) (chuckle)

And, in other news…we just returned from shooting the new Michael Jackson “ONE” Cirque Show in Vegas.  It’s all top-secret for now, but I’m really excited to go back and see it again when it opens in May/June.  Better get your tickets soon…

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