…behind the scenes

One of the best things about using my Tamrac Big Wheels Speed Roller is that it goes pretty much anywhere I go.

Dirt roads, rocks, branches, brush, weeds, nothing gets in the way…and I can always lift it over with the top or side handles if needed.
I usually rest my tripod and other bags on the top of the Roller…so i’m only dragging one thing behind me.
…and it rolls great!

On the last location shoot, during the filming of the music video for the artist Alina Artts, the Roller came in as handy as ever.  The day started out really cold, but quickly became very hot and dry…and I was grateful for NOT having to carry all my bags and gear up and down the trail.  Just keep rolling.

Pyramid Lake was really a great location to shoot at.  My step-dad used to take me fishing there when I was a kid, and I still remember those days well.
Dusk was amazing.

…and the lesson of the day…(especially now that my kids are in Cub Scouts)…

As you can see below,  I forgot mine that day…and now two weeks later, the mosquito bites are finally going away.  🙂


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