Day 4 of shooting Buick/MSN

Today is the 4th and final day of my shoot this week for Buick & MSN.
I always love doing these “Breakaway Travel” shoots in my own city, because I have the opportunity to see so many places in LA…which I never knew existed. Some of the places I have known for years, but I now get to experience them from a whole different perspective, and learn some history about them as well.
In the last 4 days we’ve found ourselves shooting everything from newborn baby goats getting fed at the estate of famous western author Zane Grey, to artisan leather belts being hand made, to the bizarre fetal skeleton at Necromance. We were treated to the most amazing cup of Plow & Gun coffee at C+ 24 hour coffee shop, and filled our bellies on a warm delicious bowl of “Bold Ramen” at Tatsu on Sawtelle. We’ve found ourselves in the Venice Canals one day, and then aboard the Queen Mary that same afternoon. From a small cabin in the Angeles National Forest, to Joni’s Coffee in Marina Del Rey…then off to the old Nike Missile Test site later today…it’s been an adventure within my own city.
I will eventually go back to all the great places I’ve seen during this job, and I will take my family and friends.
If you are reading this post I encourage you to Re:Discover your city and it’s culture as well.
#MSN #Re:Discover #Buick

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