KOOZA! Cirque in Dallas

This week we are in Dallas, TX.
We are shooting an incredible Cirque Du Soleil production called KOOZA!
It’s a LOT of work, but it’s been a pretty freaking amazing time as well.
Happy that my cousin Tami was able to come with us tonight and got to see her very first Cirque show!

There have been a few new toys added to the usual mix by Sage Seb of 27 Notch Productions, who surprised me by bringing along a prototype Canon 1DC (drool…drool…droooool).
Not to mention is does 4000k Video.  WTF?
I think I fell in love with this camera tonight when shooting the Live parts of the show.
All I can say is Wow.  It’s the sh!t.  Super fast focus in low light.  12 frames per second shooting RAW files.  2 CF card slots. Half a battery charge lasted the entire show and over 100GB of images.
What more can I say…?
I’m really looking forward to checking out these images on the big screen and really scrutinizing them once they finish downloading.

We’ve also been shooting some new marketing material for Cirque with the somewhat unrivaled Phase  One IQ180 (80 Megapixel) back, brought to us by DV8 Digital.  There’s so many megapixels in this thing, it’s ridiculous.  Sharpness like nothing I’ve ever seen before, using the Schneider glass.
These shots are going big…real big…so we need all the pixels we can get.

Here’s a shot of me (Taken By Adam Matijasevic) just LOVING the new bag sent to me by TAMRAC.

It’s called the “Big Wheels Speed Roller“…and let me tell you…it goes where other rolling bags just plain can’t .  Here’s a shot of me rolling up to the Kooza tent this morning with my Tamrac Case.
As soon as I got through the gate…there was rubble, torn up asphalt, sticks, power cables, all kinds of rough road.  This little bag handles it like a champ.  It just rolls over it all.
It was kind of hard watching some of the other crew having to carry couple of their rolling cases, because they kept getting stuck.
I was able to drink my coffee in one hand, and roll on up in the other.  🙂
Thanks Tamrac!  I’m a very happy camper.

Well…2 days down and 1 to go.
See you at the show!


#Cirque Du Soleil

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