IRIS by Cirque Du Soleil!

I Finally have time today to blog about another shoot to
cross off the Bucket List!
* IRIS * (pronounced ee-ree-s)
The new show at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, by Cirque Du Soleil.
My personal history with Cirque, is long, starting back in 1997 when I was assisting with my favorite photographer in the entire world, Veronique Vial. She brought me on to assist her in shooting the first set of photos for “O” in Las Vegas. The Bellagio was still under construction at that time, so it was a pretty amazing experience to not only see that hotel being put together, but to be in the depths of one of the most elaborate Cirque Du Soleil productions ever created.
This was my first time meeting the Cirque crew. We had such a great time working together, that I went on with Veronique to assist her in shooting La Nouba in Florida, Varekai in Montreal and Baltimore, and again shooting “O” back in Vegas.
May years later, we both still maintain a great relationship with Cirque, and with so many shows (23 of them!), they’ve brought me on as a photographer and I now have several photocredits on Cirque Productions under my belt as well Kooza, Quidam, Viva Elvis, and now IRIS.

When my wife and I built our photo studio in Hollywood (STUDIO 1444) 3 years ago, Cirque told me that they were building a show in the Kodak Theater…only a few blocks away. So for 3 years…I had my fingers, toes, and anything else crossed that I might someday get the opportunity to shoot this particular show. 3 years passed, the studio had sold, and there had been some drastic changes in our lives. I had already stared seeing the photography for IRIS (Taken by a wonderful photographer Mark DeLong) being posted around town and in the first set of programme guides and brochures for the show. I figured maybe it was done, and the time had passed.
Then in the summer of 2011, I got the call. “Hey Matt, I have good news for you…”
My dream to shoot IRIS had finally come true. It was my turn, and I was ready. 😉
Here are some of the images from the Advertising shoot we did for Cirque, and the live shots are being used for a lot of the PR photos circulating in press and online (I update the Facebook page with those as I come across them).
Moral of the story: Do what you love. Never give up hope. Always inspire.



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