Cirque Du Soliel – Quidam

Feb 18,
We just finished shooting the first part of the new Show Program for Cirque Du Soliel’s “Quidam” in Nashville.  My crew, Chris Nichols (with DV8 Digital) and Tennessee local Roderick Trestrail, did a kick ass amazing job, and helped accomplish 4 days worth of work in 2 days.
Cirque’s lighting tech, Brian Kim, pulled together the most coordinated and spectacular lighting setups to compliment out shots (without him, it would have been a dead stage).
The artists were talented, inquisitive and amazing as always!
A special thanks to Pierre Desmarais and Marie-Andrée Foisy for bringing me in, making this happen, and creating a beautifully refreshed Quidam
Program Guide for years to come.
I’m blown away with what we were able to accomplish in 2 days, and I am excited to see where the talents of the Cirque Graphic Designer come in and take this project to a whole new level.
I fly back to LA this afternoon, and am getting ready to shoot again tonight…
I’ll rest later. 😉

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