iTunes shoot with MAROON 5

photo shoot for Apple iTunes

I came into this photo shoot not knowing quite what to expect…

This was our first shoot at East West Studios, and only the second shoot for iTunes.

…and, Maroon 5, to top it off…one of the most recognized bands of this era…actually breaking an iTunes sales record with over 101,000 sales in one week back in 2007! 7 time Grammy award winners…over 15 Million albums sold worldwide…

Me…nervous…nah! I live for this kinda action. LOL! (wipe sweat from brow)

So…We were given around 45-60 minutes to shoot the band (for the album artwork), and needed to come up with 6 different looks. Maroon 5 still had to record a bunch of original tracks, do video interviews, etc…no pressure…LOL!.

Luckily for my crew, the slight delay gave us ample time to come up with some pretty fun scenarios for the band, and we were able to shoot them in about 5-10 minutes per location.
Thank goodness all of the guys in the band were very cool and fun to work with!Together, we were able get some really great images in a very short amount of time.Thanks again to all the guys! Adam, James, Jesse, Michael and Matt.
After the allotted “photo-shoot hourglass” bottomed out, we were able to stay a while longer while the band started recording. I was fortunate enough to be able to step in and shoot some behind-the-scenes footage as well. Check out the band’s site for those pics here.

This was a truly amazing experience to watch the guys re-create, bend and tweak each song, just for this session, to give life to each track…and to make absolutely sure the vibe was just right…and sounded excellent.
Wally Gagel and Xandy Barry from WAX LTD were mixing the tracks, and the results couldn’t have been any sweeter than this!

…and here’s a the teasers for the next 3 images to come…

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