In Cairo…In a Revolution

For the Full Galleries, follow the link below.

A good friend of mine, Jim Lundberg, is in Cairo. He’s been posting photos and writing about what’s going down…now.
For a perspective unfiltered by the Media…have a look for yourself.


Here’s an update from Jim:

thanks matt!

i hope everyone can check out those photos and see what a thug mubarack is… the usa government sends the guy $1.3 billions dollars a year in military assistance he is using to oppress his own people. they are now trying to do a massive propaganda campaign to convince the rest of the world that if mubarack goes down egypt will fall into the hands of islamic extremists. COULD NOT BE FARTHER FROM THE TRUTH! the people protesting could not be nicer! they started this revolution on facebook and all they ask for is to have this one guy, who has been president for 30 years, leave office! this is a generation of young people who have never known another president wanting real democracy. this is not the muslim brotherhood trying to take over!

i hope you can post those photos and this basic message as much as you can on facebook…


jim lundberg

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