Michael Chevas iPhone Replacement Fund "DONATE"!

It was great to see everyone at Nariya Thai on Sunday night come together to see off our favorite brother Wuttichai (Michael) Chevas…and who knew the brother could sing?!?! (Check out the video below)
Personally, I am very sad to see one of my best friends go so far away…but also Happy & Excited that I have a GREAT reason to go visit him and his fiancé Micky in Thailand!!
We will all miss you in L.A. Brother!!

See Mike Sing!

Donate $25 to his iPhone4 Gift!

Share this with anyone who will miss Mike!

For those of you who weren’t able to make it, or missed being able to contribute your donation to the new iPhone we got Mike as a going away gift (and to replace the one he lost only days before) you can pitch in, donate a $25 gift and your name will be included in a Great Big “iPhone Replacement Gift Going Away Card” so that Mike can remember all his great friends who love him so much…from all over the world.

Click the “DONATE” button above to make your gift to Mike, and you can leave him a message with the donation as well.

Thanks!!, and if you have any questions…call me or email me (Matt Beard, 310-591-9384 photo@mattbeard.com)


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