Justin Guarini, new website Launched…

Update…new “Behind The Scenes” video from the making of this photoshoot:

Justin Guarini, (former American Idol 1st runner up to Kelly Clarkson), has just released his new website today, and the majority of the site features the photos we shot for him recently at the Family Ranch off Mullholland Dr.
I wish all shoots could be this chill and laid back and FUN!!!
We all met up at the ranch around 1pm…and we took a walk around the property to see what we might feel like shooting. We really had no set plans or ideas…we were just looking for a general “Americana” feel…and boy, did we end up getting it.
Some beers, some BBQ, plenty or sunshine, an impromptu donkey ride by both Justin and C.J., a random encounter with the next “Prime Minister of India”, and ending the evening with an acoustic serenade around the blazing fire pit by Mr. Guarini himself.
I’ll be releasing more photos as they become available, but so far I’ve agreed to only post after Justin posts first…so any adoring Justin fans…there’s some really great shots to come, and not what you’d expect (but probably what you’ve always wanted)…yes, there is some exposed flesh involved.
Keep checking back for updates!
Photography: Matt Beard
Website Design: Kristin Falkner

Photo Assistants: Lenny Schway, Irina Lastochkina
Wardrobe Stylist: Jill Mcdonald

Jeans & Denim: Sitbon Laundry

Hair & Makeup: Joachim Ortiz

Grip & Lighting provided by: Atomic Pro Services & STUDIO 1444

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