Antonia Bennett

New album artwork for singer/songwriter Antonia Bennett.

We had a great shoot at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. for Antonia Bennett, daughter of the legendary singer Tony Bennett.
Matt Patton and Ben Roman at the magic castle were extremely accommodating, and provided us with an amazing space to create the new album artwork! Thanks!!
We did about 4 shots in the castle, and then finished up the rest at STUDIO 1444, in Hollywood.
In case you were wondering…
For the composite shot of Antonia in the theater, I first shot a few overall exposures of just the room itself, without any lights or people.
Then I shot her in a few positions appearing to be hanging from the chandelier, using a few Profoto packs and heads for these frames.
Originally, I was only going to have her swinging from the chandelier as the main shot…however Antonia and I agreed that it would be more interesting to fill the seats with people…and have all the people actually be her.
For all the shots in the theater seats, I only used one Profoto head, with only the modeling lamp turned on…and just moved the light around a bit for each frame, as she moved from seat-to-seat.
By doing this, I was able to maintain the ambient light of the theater, while providing enough light for Antonia as well.
We dressed the “Swinging Antonia” more dramatic and outgoing…while we dressed down the “Other Antonias” to fit the more “Ordinary Girl” look to correspond with the working title of the album.
Back at STUDIO 1444 we set up a few shots of Antonia with a giant metal “Pill” which the wardrobe & prop stylist Jill McDonald had brought with her, as well as some classic poses for multiple uses. I also shot Antonia in a few positions to later be knocked out and composited…and on a separate day, shot a very tiny Vitamin C pill and a tiny glitter Heart I picked up at Aahs on Sunset.
Now (with the help of some tricky Macro photography and a bit of Photoshop magic)…
Antonia is riding the Heart, and lounging across the Pill.
I had a really fun time doing this shoot, it was as rewarding as it was challenging. The crew was great, and the clients were happy. The photoshoot credits are listed below, as well as 2 images from the shoot.
Producer, Holly Knight
Management: Mitch Davis for The Artist Partnership
Photography: Matt Beard
Album Design: Matt Beard

Wardrobe Stylist: Jill Mcdonald assisted by Fernando Pichardo

Hair & Makeup: Joachim Ortiz assisted by Ezequiel Carrillo

Grip & Lighting provided by: Atomic Pro Services & STUDIO 1444

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