Freescore with Ben Stein

***An important update on this post***
As you may, or may not have heard, Ben Stein was fired recently from writing his column at the New York Times, amidst allegations (by the Times) that his participation in this Ad campaign might appear as a “conflict of interest” with the column he wrote for the Times.
I was disheartened to hear the news, as Ben was a very easygoing and pleasant person to both photograph and work with.
However, I am glad that Ben does not falter in standing up for what he believes in, regardless of public scrutiny, and will continue to do so…and hopefully set an example for others to follow and examine their own beliefs, and be brave enough to express themselves freely.
Most everyone (hopefully) has their own opinion, which they are rightfully entitled to.
Previous Post
Have you seen the new commercial spots for Those guys are a little “nuts”…if you’ve seen the commercial then you’ll get the pun. Here are some of the shots we did with Ben Stein for that job. The commercial is currently running on tv and the stills should be appearing on billboards and buildings in the near future.

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